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Black's Pests Services Protects Your Family, Your Business and Your Property.
 Protecting you home and family    Specialized pest control services for food processing plants    Keeping offices and restaurants pest free with proven track record
 Homes    Food Processing     Commercial Buildings

Our services offer BOTH the property protection you need as well as the environmental stewardship we all depend on.

We care for your family, pets and the environment as much as you do. This does not mean we need to live with the pests that invade our homes. The biorational products used allow us to alleviate you of the pests and leave you smiling with the service received.

In addition to residential needs, we also service Restaurants, Food Storage Facilities, Food Processing and Distribution plants.  Bernard has a proven record of superior survey results and makes sure your business is a success now and in the future.

Contact us and you will see immediately what sets us apart from all the rest.  You have nothing to lose, but the pests! This is a locally owned and operated company, that believes customers are like family, and are treated as such.  Trust in the comfort of knowing that we care about your home, business, and the environment, but put the safety of all involved first and foremost.

We are also members of the ReDirect Guide.  Feel free to visit their site for specials and other businesses that care about our environment, as we do.




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